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Fashion designer Dorin Negrau started his activity in Romania in the beginning’s of the 90’s .

Wile studying at the Pharmacy College he discovered his passion for beauty and fashion and started the Art School studies; this change marks the direction he fallowed in the coming years.

He started attending different fashion events with his collections and it did not take long to reach success.

Dorin Negrau brings flexible solutions for on the move women's; his design are suitable for all type of women, versatile designs to complement their fast-moving and multi – faceted lifestyles. His collections aim real women spirit whom like to look their best but also to be practical in the same time, rather than just pin-thin runway models.

His creations have clean cuts but unexpected associations of materials that inspire both woman and the local fashion industry.

The presence of his creations in different specialized fairs and exhibitions, Fashion Week shows, have assured the “Dorin Negrau” brand a top place in the current market; his products are included now in the high-end women’s ready-to-wear labels.

As a result of this different approach and efforts to present   his collection’s worldwide  his garments/ products can be purchased in different stores in Europe , USA and Asia.

Constant presence in the fashion scene, perseverance, his creative vision and talent has maintained Dorin and his creations in the public’ attention.

Products in different stores around the world, a new e-commerce platform, the perfume and a new clothing line are directions that will begin rolling out with the prelaunch of his website in September.

Dorin’s collections will continue to balance novelty with everyday practicality as the label grows into a global fashion brand.


“The main theme and thought that

I carry with me while I am creating

 for a new collection is represented by

the way that each creation should

change the the mood as much for the

wearer as well as for the public. 

I strongly believe that a collection

 should be overwhelmingly supported

by a philosophy of clothing language 

and this can easily be seen in the work

of greatest fashion designers.”

BEDOUIN” – the desire to travel, self discover and find the free spirit in  the eternal search;

“FLY” – a collection marked a milestone – made of lace, silk, satin in shades of cream and ivory;

“TOLCA” – colored and brilliant motifs in the dull life of brown and grey;

”GLOSSY” – a different approach to luxury evolving from the freedom of sports clothing ;

“BOSSA”  - a sexless lifestyle filled with sensuality;

“ELLA” – a volcanic explosion of angels in our life;

“BOOGIE” – a collection that focused on celebrating  the 80 anniversary of Mickey Mouse Disney character on set;

“SAFARI” – earthy and equatorial forest shades are majestically combined in a casual collection;

“CHICkitch” – an homage  to the cinema divas of the 30’s, especially to Marlene Dietrich

“ACARTECH” and “SIMPLY THE BEST” – two collections in one show humanized cocoons and the Earth Invasion

“FashionRed Carpet” SS 2012 – ballroom elegancy on the red carpet moment

“VISIONS” FW2012 bringing in 21 century the Romanian traditional motives used in port combined with architectural elements of the upper society social class, Brancovanian style

“LOST – modern traditional – a challenge! “ SS 2013 adding to the contemporanian port of elements from the Transylvanian traditional port (N-W)

,,Biutiful  from BINSH,,  FW 2013-2014 adding  to the contemporanian port  of  elements from the  Bihor  traditional port

,,FLY,,   SS 2014  - a new  vision




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